about us

Oz Kesik is an ambient, electronic artist who works with field recordings and synthesizers to create immersive, evolving and surreal bio-, geo- and anthrophonic sound collages exploring Australian acoustic ecology. 

After completing a Masters of Psychology in 2014, Oz developed a passion for body-centred healing practices which focus on the connection of mind and body for holistic healing. Oz uses physical techniques such as sound meditation, yoga and movement to help relieve experiences of anxiety, depression and trauma.

“When I create sound art I’m practicing concentration meditation. There’s a timeless and eternal feeling to it where everything else drops away and my mind is in a kind of blissful, peaceful state of deep relaxation and stillness. I want to invite other people to share this space with me.”

– Oz

Sage Pbbbt is an overtone singer and experimental vocalist whose practice is influenced by Tuvan, Mongolian and Inuit singing. She is a long term insight meditation practitioner and chaos magickian. In 2019 she completed her PhD exploring ritual, meditation and voice.

Sage has used her ritual voice practice to engage with depression and gender dysphoria and nurture a sense of embodied presence. She performs regularly in the improvised music scene.

“I have been greatly inspired by Mongolian and Tuvan singing, but I do not intend to represent these traditions and recognise that my practice does not have the same cultural context as Tuvan and Mongolian practitioners.

My singing is deeply informed by my insight meditation practice. When I improvise I try to let go of intent, and give space for sounds to manifest spontaneously.”

– Sage